Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Survey of Complete Randomness

I was bored at work....Enjoy!

Have you ever been in an abusive relationship?: Depends on what you mean by abusive.....perhaps....
What do you think about screamo?: ***googles the word"screamo" then returns*** No I don't think so.
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?: Invisibility....hands down
When was the last time you were sick (had an illness)?: I'm ill everyday cuz I'm fly like that.....oh....you mean like a cold or something....a couple of months ago lol
Do you ever wish on a flying star?: No, usually by the time I figure out what it is AND THEN remember that you're supposed to make a wish....it's too late
Have you ever been to another country?: Yes
If you could visit any country, which one would it be?: Italy....I love pizza! lol
What's the desktop background on your computer?: A picture of my two godsons and my nephew
If you were any utensil, which one would you be?: A corkscrew....cuz I like to get the party started. ***side eye B-Mizz***
Do you live in a small town?: Yep
Are you female?: Yep
Do you give up easily?: Depends on what it is and how interested I am. If I'm passionate about it...then no.
Are you an optimist, realist, or pessimist?: definitely a realist
When's the last time you were scared?: I don't remember
Why'd you cry the last time you did?: I was sad lol
What are looking forward to tomorrow?: Sleeping in
Do you believe that all good and bad times pass?: I believe that we grow through seasons
When's the last time you saw fireworks?: ***side eye B-Mizz then cuts to the other side for Keeya*** July 4
Do you like to be first or last?: Depends on what we're talking about...I'm a leader by nature
Are you a good reader?: Well......I would hope so
What's bothering you at the moment?: These people at my job talking extra loud for no reason
Are you normally a happy person?: yea......until I'm not lol
Do you know any people who play the victim?: Hecks yea....can't stand it.
Do you have an iPod?: As a matter of fact I do
What's your favorite song?: "As We Lay" the Shirley Murdock version. Not that slowed down crap Kelly Price did. And Written All Over Your Face by Rude Boys f/ Gerald Levert
Tell me the last word in the last song you listened to.: "clown"......don't ask lol
Can you let other people win?: I try not to lol lol
How do you feel about country music?: Some of it is cool
Do you ever fight with someone and know you're wrong but continue to fight?: All the time.....
What's something you want?: I want to always be in the will of God.

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