Thursday, January 15, 2009

My 1st Split Second Victory!

Last week, B-Mizz and I went to a restaraunt to help our friend, John, celebrate their birthday.

Now John is a good friend of ours but he has other friends of the opposite sex that we've been around before but don't really know. B-Mizz and I have felt hostility from these "ladies" ***cuts eye at B-Mizz*** before, but being the type of people we are, we passed it off as jealousy or some childish cattiness that we weren't going to enagage in. That been said, we go in and greet John with hugs and birthday love.

Meanwhile these "ladies" ***coughs profusely*** are looking at us like this.

Now B-Mizz peeps this and proceeds to sit down at the table directly across from them where one of our homeboys was sitting with another guy. Me, not wanting believe I really saw what I know I saw, give these "ladies" ***drops head*** a general hellohowyadoin and sat down. Of course they responded with fake smiles and hellos. At this point, I asked B-Mizz if she saw what I saw. She said "yes" and we both started cracking up. I mean this was straight haterism! Neither of us has ever had more than a thirty second conversation with two of these "ladies" ***walks out of the room for a second and then returns***...and can't recall seeing the third a day in our lives. So they have NO REASON to dislike us. Really, I wanted to address the situation right then, but it wasn't the time....nor the place. And quite frankly, it just wasn't that serious. In fact we had a great time reminicing with our homeboy who was at the table.

When the time comes to leave, we get up, hug John and give him more birthday love. Even though they had chosen to be rude to us, I decided not to dignify their behavior by compromising my classiness just to return that same cattiness to them. So, just like I spoke to them when I came in, I gave a general goodbyeseeyalater when I left. Well they all looked at me really fake (which I expected) but one of them (ironically, the one who we don't even recognize) gave me the nasty wave. You know...the "ugh...get out of my face" wave accompanied by the stankiest look ever!

God knows that everything in me wanted to pull one of these...

And he also knows that I've done it for less! Let me tell you...I was FURIOUS! I promise this was my facial expression EXACTLY!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Let me tell you, we almost had one of these going on in there...

But I stopped, and decided to quickly invite God that split second before I went there with her. I said goodbye to John and me and B-Mizz walked out. Now to you, this might not seem like a big thing, but for's a huge step in the right direction. Real talk, I was still mad....but it really was a passing anger. We left and enjoyed the rest of our evening!

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