Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How did I get here?

Yep...that's me.

It's like I was walking down the street on the most beautiful day you can imagine

(Don't judge my beautiful day....some people like summer...I happen to like fall.)

I'm walking along, somewhat reluntant to enjoy the weather because my gut (my mind) is telling me that it's going to rain, even though the weather girl (my heart) insists that it's going to remain clear. Hmph...what does SHE know? I mean...homegirl has definitely miscalled it a time or two in the past. *side eyes* But I digress...

So...everyone around me is telling me to just relax and enjoy the day. Whole time, I can't stop thinking about the fact that I don't have an umbrella, jacket, newspaper....NOTHING! I came out with no protection trying to trust the weather girl (heart). So if it starts to rain....I'm basically screwed. But it doesn't rain, at least, not immediately. BUT THEN...just as I start getting comfortable and enjoying my stroll through paradise...

Wouldn't you know it?!!! And remember, I wasn't smart enough to bring an umbrella or jacket like these fools in the pic. (not that any of that is helping their foolish behinds. LoL) So, ya girl is out here baddddddddd... like....

Hanging on for dear life!!!! Making that face with it and everything. LoL

I'm so confused. I don't know how I got here. I wasn't supposed to be in love....I hate what love does to me, but I wanted to trust my heart again. I made a choice...a conscious decision to trust my heart. But my heart is a liar. It always has been. How could I, so easily, forget that?...but more importantly...what do I do now? Now my heart wants to believe him when he says that I can trust him. But my mind is like..."R u crazy?!" The really messed up part is that I think I might be.......crazy in love. I'm on a trip, ya'll....destination unknown.....itenerary n/a. How did I get here? Do I stay and see what the end is going to be? or do I grab the remaining pieces of my heart and haul a** to the nearest exit? hhhhhhhhhhgh....stupid weather girl (heart).

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