Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Choice To Love

Remember the 1st time you chose to love?
Loving my 1st love, was one of the easiest decisions I've ever made. It was like breathing, I just did it. That was before I knew just how complicated love could really be. That was before my love ever had to be tested against anger, hurt, or frustration. It was long before the 1st tearful day or sleepless night...long before the 1st argument or break-up to make-up. That was when choosing love was easy. Ignorance can be such bliss.
It was only after feeling the hurt and pain that came along with the dissolution of that 5 year relationship that I began to even see love as a choice. I had made a choice...a choice to tolerate some things I once thought intolerable...a choice to forgive when everything in me said "RUN". It was also then that I decided to never make that choice again. And I haven't...until now, that is.
I've found that the choice NOT to love is a lonely one. So I'm choosing to love again.
Good choice or bad...Only time will tell...

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