Friday, November 19, 2010

The COTLG Total Worship Experience!!!

The Church of the Living God : COTLG Total Worship Experience

COTLG Total Worship Experience

The Church of the Living God
© Copyright-The Church of The Living God
Record Label: The Church of The Living God's only by sheer accident that I have not promoted this CD on this blog before now. Look. Peep game. This is a great gospel CD!! And I'm not just saying that because it's the church I attend or because I'm on it (background). If you want a good praise and worship CD that will bless your mind, heart, and spirit....this is IT! There's something on here for everybody!!! They make great stocking stuffers and can serve as a reminder that Jesus is, in fact, the reason for the season. If you don't have your copy yet....order it now from CD Baby!

Here's the link

GO! Listen to the snippets! Order it TODAY! Do it NOW!

or...if you know me, personally, hit me up and I can get u a copy. Either way... Do it NOW!

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