Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mountains and Molehills.... And Shovels too.

Every once in a while, I'll be having a conversation with someone, and something they say will trigger a childhood memory. I had one of those moments, just now, while talking to The BFF... and, suddenly, I felt super inspired to share it with you guys. Now, Momz is gonna kill me for telling y'all this story. But hey...

Anybody who knows my Momz knows how much pride she takes in her gardening. I mean, I have to give it to her. Momz used to get out there EARLY in the morning to water the grass and the flowers. She, personally, planted every last flower you see in our front yard, laid every brick you see around the flower beds, and hand spread all that mulch. Needless to say, she's extra protective about the yard. So, all hell broke loose when, one late summer, a mole invaded our front lawn. And this was no ordinary mole... THIS mug was a beast. He was tearing the whole yard up. I'm telling you. Our yard normally looks like this...

But we woke up one morning, and it looked like this....

So, you already KNOW.... Momz was flipping out! She started obsessing over the mole and coming up with different ways to take it out the game. It was crazy! Now, mind you, I was probably around 9 and my bro was about 13. So, we were kids. I was still a just a little kid. I need you to keep that in mind in order to completely understand the heaviness of what I'm about to tell you. LoL

It was early one morning. School had just started back and Momz was about to get us to school so that she could get to work. As my brother and I were standing on the side of the car, which was parked right in front of the house, we saw Momz come out of the front door. She locked and came down the sidewalk. Then, she spotted him. She saw the mole. He was on the lawn...chillin. He probably had just woke up. He was out there stretching and getting the paper. LoL

He couldn't have had worse timing. Momz was on a mission. He had no idea what was about to hit him...literally. She told my brother, to run in the back yard and get the shovel...and hurry up. So he went to get the shovel. Whole time, Momz stood there and never took her eye off that mole. I didn't know what to expect. My bro gave her the shovel and she slowly walked over to the mole. I mean, crept up on him... Do you hear me?.... And then... She took that shovel... a shovel just like this one...

...and she BEAT that mole to death right in front of us like it was nothing! She had to to have hit that mug at least 15 times. Then she made my bro come and take the shovel back to the shed, got in the car, and took us to school  like nothing even happened. HAAAAAA!


Ever since then... We knew my Momz was crazy. My bro used to say he knew before that. That might be true, but that was my first experience with crazy Momz. I was afraid of crazy Momz....still am. LoL.

Anyway.... just a random childhood memory. I'm sure they'll be plenty more to come. LoL

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