Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Morning God

Good morning, God. Thank u for allowing me to see another beautiful day. Thank u for the brand new mercies u r giving me today...u know better than anyone how much I need them. It seems like I find a new way to mess up everyday. Well, God, I've really done it this time. I should have trusted u...instead, I tried to fix it myself...and now look at the damage I've caused. I'm sorry, God. But, more importantly, I'm repenting...I realize that I have to change the way I think...I have to trust you, completely. So, Lord, please help my unbelief. Anyway, remember last year when u spoke to me concerning some ppl in my life? I've been trying to figure out whats wrong with ME for months...trying to figure out y ppl who I've always been ''cool'' with are suddenly giving me the cold shoulder...I was trying to figure out what I did to THEM. Then I remembered the words u spoke through your prophet on 12/31/07...''I'm going to make ppl in ur life transparent. I am going to reveal to u all the ppl around u that lie on u, talk ab u, and speak negative things on ur life. They will be marked by noticable discomfort in ur presence...then they won't be able to stand to be around u at all. But don't worry...u won't lose anything. For every person I remove, I'm going to replace.'' I had forgotten those words until now. But u've done just what u promised. I feel so silly for tripping over it now. And while it hurts to know who those ppl are, I'm thankful for the ppl u've replaced them with....they're awesome. I also thank u for the friends who were real all along...u know who they are. I love them soooo much and I just ask that u continue to keep them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Thank u for my mom, Lord. She is the most amazing woman in the world to me. She has been through so much....if anybody deserves to be happy, it's Channelle Glover. So, Lord, send peace, joy, lots of laughter, and love her way. Well, Lord...it's time to rock & roll. R u ready? Then I'm ready. I love u, God! Let's get it!

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